Where is @_Chris_Adams ?

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Crowd Funded UKIP Candidate, Chris Adams, who has been nominated to stand against David Lidington for the Aylesbury parliamentary constituency, appears to have dropped from social media.

His @_Chris_Adams Twitter account, recently alleged by The Times and renowned HS2 carpet-bagger Paul Bigland to have tens of thousands of “bought” followers, appears to have been deleted.


The Twitter measurement service, TwitterCounter.com, shows a sudden fall in the number of accounts Adams followed, leading up to the closure of the account.



We assume all is well, there’s certainly no announcement regarding his disappearance from Twitter on the UKIP Aylesbury web site, so, the questions now are “Where is Chris Adams” and “will we see him on Twitter again”? Perhaps one of his supporters can let us know.


Update 19/02/2015

Adams’ page on the Facebook remains active, the latest update being only two days ago.


His website is also still up, although it might benefit from a little updating.


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