New Aylesbury UKIP Policy Survey

UKIP Want Your Help to Focus Their Policies

Cynics might say that they’re trying to build up a mailing list but, taken at face value, UKIP’s latest mailer could be a welcome attempt to gauge the views of the local electorate.

There are five policy questions, and two assessing their level of support:


  1. Which local issues most concern you?
    The usual issues are listed here; crime & antisocial behaviour, HS2 (“Only UKIP will Scrap HS2″), potholes etc, planning, benefit migration
    Of these, two are predominantly county, not national, issues.
    The claim regarding HS2 is a little spurious, as the Greens also claim they’ll scrap HS2. In truth, neither are likely to be able to live up to that claim — were UKIP holding the balance of power, would their red line be an EU referendum or the scrapping HS2? If it’s the latter, then they’d be betraying their whole raison d’etre.
  2. Which national issues most concern you?
    NHS, Pensions, HS2, Economy/Jobs, Education, Immigration, EU/Europe
    Of these, HS2, Immigration and the EU are core UKIP issues, though see above.
    On the NHS, UKIP have today announced that the established parties use health as a vote-winning weapon, and have announced that they would find an additional £3bn to spend on it. This is, presumably, not intended as a vote-winning tactic.
  3. Looking ahead to the General Election in 2015, which political party would you be likely to vote for?
    Just a polling question.
  4. David Cameron has promised an In/Out [EU] referendum in 2017 (if he is Prime Minister!). How do you think you would vote in that referendum?
    In, Out, Don’t Know
    UKIP policy is clear on this. What’s less clear is how UKIP would react were the majority of local resident answered “In” to this question.
  5. Do you agree with Chris that local residents have been let down on planning developments? Localism?
    Yes, No, Comment
    The failure to produce a credible local plan has been something of an embarrassment for the local councils. UKIP have seized on this, and have also attempted to take much of the credit for the recent pause of the Hampden Fields development. A rational and reasoned plan for growth, development and infrastructure is a vitally important issue, and all parties need to consider this.
  6. Chris has a track record of defying council whips and voting how local residents want him to vote. How do you feel about this?
    I want to be represented by an MP who stick to the party line, I’d prefer my MP to put the interests of their constituents first, comment
    As a relatively senior member of a party that is likely to have relatively few MPs, and as someone who may even become a UKIP whip, the scope for rebelling will be fairly limited. It’s also worth noting that Chris Adams has one of the lowest County Council attendance records.
  7. Please let us know if you can help with our work locally?
    Supporter polling question


The other side of the flyer is basically a fundraising effort. Note that if you do wish to donate, don’t cut the form at the dotted line, as you’ll be cutting off some of your survey responses.


Irrespective of your views on UKIP as a party or the any of the candidates, so far they seem to have been the most proactive campaigners so far, and any attempt to improve voter engagement should be commended. Other parties take note…



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