Aylesbury 2015

This year’s local and national elections will be some of the hardest fought for many years. Discontent surrounding HS2, concerns about Europe and immigration, fears about the economy and our cost of living, issues regarding planning, changes to public services, and the state of the NHS are just some of the issues that will be debated over the coming months. In addition, there will debates regarding the forming of a unitary authority for the Vale, versus the proposals at county level to align Buckinghamshire with Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Aylesbury has been a staunchly Conservative parliamentary seat for 80 years, but with so many changes in local, national and world affairs, there certainly isn’t room for complacency.

We’ll be trying to collate information from the parties and the players, with a view to stimulating debate and, perhaps more importantly, encouraging people of all ages to take part in the process and use their vote.


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